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Other way of securing freight transactions alternative to blockchain

In previous posts in the cycle of freight transactions security we wrote about the most technologically effective data security solution – blockchain technology.

We also mentioned that, although from the point of view of system solutions, blockchain definitely excels at the level of sophistication, and thus – effectiveness, is also a demanding solution. Not only financial outlays, but also other activities related to the restructuring of existing processes. For more details we invite you to previous entries.

Although blockchain is the best method, there are also alternative ways of securing data that are equally effective in the logistics industry. One of them is the environment in which the Quotiss freight software was created. I am talking about Cloud. What kind of benefits does it bring for the logistics industry?

What is Cloud ?

Although blockchain is the most technologically advanced solution dedicated to the supply chain and securing complex transaction processes, the dynamics of its development is not as intense as the development of Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing involves placing data in a virtual space, i.e. a Cloud. There is also a second type of cloud space, a public cloud. Although its use is widespread and popular, it’s dedicated to private users for consumption rather than to entrepreneurs.

In the IT environment, you can notice the clear participation of the cloud solutions giant – Google. Google has introduced sophisticated and advanced business solutions. The basis of these is the Cloud . An offer is based on three models:

  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

As part of the Cloud service, based on cloud computing, we will find, among others tools such as:

Google App Engine – an environment that provides programmers with the ability to create applications in popular programming languages, such as Java, Python, GO, PHP, without having to worry about data security, because that’s what the Google platform provides

Google Cloud Storage – a collection of very large amounts of data

Google Cloud SQL – databases in the cloud

Google Cloud Compute – just like AWS, gives you the ability to run your own virtual machines in the cloud

Google Big Query – gives the ability to process large data sets

How does Cloud ensure data security?

Google as a platform providing cloud services and a giant of this type of solutions has gone far with the level of sophistication of data security. They are encrypted at several levels, and due to the spread of stored and processed resources, their location is located on many servers around the world in the form of clusters. This significantly increases the level of security, and gives users the ability to create systems without fear of being hacked. In addition, multiple backups of even individual resources are created, which gives the opportunity to restore them in the event of failure of one of the locations.

How do cloud solutions improve the freight quote process?

By reading about the methods of processing and securing data, you can certainly broaden your knowledge in this area. However, the question arises: “How would these solutions improve the efficiency of processes in the logistics industry?”

There are many arguments in favor of implementing an online freight system. Depending on the structure and needs of a particular enterprise, each of them may have a different value. Here are some universal aspects that speak in favor of a sales automation tool and logistic software:

  • You can generate and send fully personalized freight offers in a few moments
  • You can create a portfolio of customers with notes about their needs or the course of existing contacts
  • You can easily and quickly find information on the progress of freight quote archive
  • You have full control over the effectiveness of valuations and sales
  • You manage one source of freight rates and local fees thanks to real-time updates
  • Fully automates the quoting process – instant freight quotes

If you want to learn more about the possibilities and advantages of Quotiss automation freight tool, we encourage you to use the free trial.