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Other way of securing freight transactions alternative to blockchain

In previous posts in the cycle of freight transactions security we wrote about the most technologically effective data security solution – blockchain technology. We also mentioned that, although from the point of view of system solutions, blockchain definitely excels at the level of sophistication, and thus – effectiveness, is also a demanding solution. Not only […]

Can blockchain also be used for freight management?

The Future of Technology in the Logistics Industry

The progress in technology development doesn’t stand still, constantly trying to improve user experience in every field – no exception for the logistics industry. Everyone is talking about the application of digital technologies to freight rate management which has to revolutionize the business, and many industry players are getting lost in the amount of information on […]

Two Faces of Freight Digitalization

When you hear the term “Digital Freight Forwarder”, Flexport is the first company name that comes to mind. They’ve secured the largest amount of venture capital money ever invested in the logistics startups to date. With over 1 billion USD to spend on IT and business development, Flexport is definitely the most popular name on the […]