Our Mission

Every freight forwarder can go digital with the right kind of software. Our mission is to help traditional industry players to upgrade their technology and become more efficient without major financial investment or business restructuring with using Quotiss freight forwarding system.

Our Philosophy

“Quotiss” stands for “Quote It Smart and Simple”. We use data science along with the latest technology to bring simplicity and efficiency into the container shipping industry.

Making sales in the container shipping industry can feel like time-traveling to the 90s – spreadsheets and legacy ERP solutions are still extremely common. At Quotiss freight software, we deal with the root cause of the problem – the complex structure of freight pricing across various carriers. Quotiss has a built-in pricing simplification algorithm which allows the uploading of even the most complex carrier ratesheets within seconds.

Quotiss was founded by industry experts for industry experts. It is the optimal choice for any freight forwarder who wants to simplify, digitize and automate their sales process and sell more, faster.

The Founders' Team

MARCIN ZARZECKI - Quotiss freight quote - Founder, CEO

Marcin Zarzecki

Founder, CEO
Marcin has spent more than 10 years in the container shipping industry, working in Poland, Belgium, Russia and Kenya, among other countries. He has created millions of freight quotes himself, and has led many global simplification projects in sales, finance and customer service alike.
    MARGARITA TOKAREVA - Quotiss logistics software - Co-founder, COO

    Margarita Tokareva

    Co-founder, COO
    Margarita has worked for over 10 years in the container shipping business – in Russia, Italy, Spain, and India. She is an expert in sales business process optimization and software implementation. At Quotiss she takes care of Customer Success.
      Michał Polak - Quotiss sales automation tools - Co-founder, CTO

      Michał Polak

      Co-founder, CTO
      Michal comes with more than 15 years of experience in IT. He heads product development and data security at Quotiss, where he leads a team of tech & software professionals.

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