Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about Quotiss software:

How does Quotiss work?

Here is the detailed description of Quotiss business process flow (all in one platform):

  • Upload your freight rates and local charges into Quotiss
  • Prepare and send instant freight quotes
  • Follow up on the sent freight quotes
  • Analyze your sales performance
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How does Quotiss compare to other freight forwarding software?

Quotiss is designed by industry professionals, coming from the container shipping business. Our freight rate management software is a practical tool for freight forwarders. We combine logistics expertise with technology, not the other way around.

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Which business process can I automate via Quotiss?

We offer the following modules (all in one platform):

  • Freight Quote Management
  • Freight Rate Management
  • Sales Performance Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
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What transport modes can I manage via Quotiss?

In Quotiss, you can quote all kinds of freight rates: Sea, Rail, Air and Road. You can quickly upload FCL rates, LCL rates, LTL rates and create instant freight quotes.

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How do I start using Quotiss?

Click here to register your company. We’ll activate your company’s profile and help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and sending freight quotes from Quotiss on the same day.

How can I upload my tariff rates into Quotiss?

Quotiss has a very simple mechanism to manage freight ratesheets. We use templates, which can be instantly uploaded into the system. There is a separate template for FCL, LCL, AIR and LTL tariffs, compatible with most of the carrier ratesheets.

Can I integrate Quotiss with my booking or accounting system?

We have an open API that enables integration with other software solutions, which in turn, also enable integration via API.

Can I ship my cargo with you? Can you give me a freight quote? Do you do airfreight?

No, Quotiss is not a shipping company. Quotiss is a software company, and we offer a best in class practical freight rate management software for freight forwarders of any size and type.

Can you help me to sell my rates online? Will you advertise my shipping service and my company?

No, Quotiss is not a freight marketplace. We offer a best in class practical freight rate management software for freight forwarders for their internal use. Quotiss doesn’t advertise, promote or share any internal information entered by our customers. The commercial data is not shared with any company inside or outside of Quotiss software.

Is it possible for my client to check the rates directly in Quotiss?

No, at the moment Quotiss doesn’t have a separate interface for the clients of freight forwarders we work with. It is designed for internal use only. You can email freight quotes via Quotiss, but you can’t grant direct access to the particular customer rates.

Can I track and trace my shipment in the system?

No, Quotiss only covers the commercial business process that ends with a customer accepting the freight quote. Booking and operations process, including track and trace, are not part of the freight rate management software.