How Quotiss stands out?

Quotiss uses a unique algorithm, which translates the longest ocean freight contracts into simple one-liners. Once the contracts are simplified, the quoting process becomes fully automated.

For management:

Make data-driven decisions based on transparent sales performance
  • Drill down on sales performance by¬†office, sales team, or client;
  • Ensure consistency in branding and legal compliance throughout the organization;
  • Build your commercial knowledge database in one place;
  • Boost team engagement with modern and easy-to-use software.
management analytics screen

For procurement:

Unique contract processing algorithm saves time and resources
  • Upload carrier contracts in minutes;
  • Improve invoicing accuracy with a stronger control over local port charges;
  • Run better negotiations using a unified contract structure between multiple carriers.
macbook procurement screen

For sales team:

Sell more in less time with the automatic freight quotes
  • Sell more sending professional personalized multilingual freight quotes in seconds;
  • Grow profitability of your existing deals by controlling your sales margins;
  • Engage with your agents network stronger by distributing rates via e-mail campaigns feature.
sales screenshot

Ready to start the digital transformation of your business?

In Quotiss we believe that the digitalization of freight forwarding industry is inevitable. However, it does not mean that every business must be turned upside down or rebuilt from scratch.

With us, you can make the important step towards the digital transformation of your business. Request a demo and see how Quotiss can improve the efficiency of your daily operations.