Quotiss transforms your sales process

with immediate effect

Saves Your Time

Instant freight quotes, automated follow up, deal tracking, quick search – everything to save your time

Controls Your Costs

No more bulky Excel ratesheets – one transparent rate database for the 100% accuracy of quotes

Boosts Your Sales

Process automation and performance data as a powerful advantage to boost your sales

Quotiss Saves Your Time

‘Time is Money’ – your sales team could focus on more valuable activities instead
  • Create professional personalized freight quotes in seconds;
  • Upload contract and spot rates automatically;
  • Connect directly to Maersk Spot rates;
  • Get easy-to-search archives of historic rates and sent quotes.
Freight quotes quotiss
freight ratesheets quotiss

Quotiss Controls Your Costs

Control your costs and margins for all products and services you offer
  • Get rid of bulky Excel ratesheets;
  • Maintain one transparent database for contract and spot rates;
  • Automate local costs for frequently used locations;
  • Set default sales margins for service contracts & clients;
  • Improve invoicing accuracy.

Quotiss Boosts Your Sales

Calculate the dollar value of Quotiss Software for your business
  • Know your sales numbers in real-time;
  • Win more business by tracking the deal status;
  • Grow client portfolio via personalized e-mail campaigns;
  • Build one-source commercial database;
  • Ensure consistency in branding, design and legal compliance;
  • Boost your team engagement with modern software.
Freight rate management quotiss

Guaranteed Return on Investment!

just type your own figures into Quotiss ROI calculator and find out your returns in USD:

# of sales people in your organization

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Quoting automation gains in hours per month

Quoting automation gains in deals per sales person, per month

Average sales margin per deal, USD

Average salary of a sales rep per month

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