Month: May 2020

Instant freight quotes

How to Sell More Freight with a Remote Sales Team?

There are 3 things one needs to know to visualize the size of any freight forwarding business:

  • how many TEUs/FFEs/mts are handled by the company on a yearly basis?
  • how many people are employed?
  • how many offices are running globally?

We always assume that the more the better. But is it really so?


‘Lean’ is the New Black in Freight Forwarding


The latest trend, activated by COVID-19 is directed towards efficiency – do more with fewer resources. The main question that forwarders should ask themselves is how to grow annual volumes without growing the administration costs.

In the startup world, the book ‘Lean Startup’ became the bible for any upstarting entrepreneur who is not backed by investors’ money. The book describes the only viable business model – do only the most essential work, cut all unnecessary spending, use the growth hacks and shortcuts wherever possible.

But it’s time to get specific. Here are the tips on how to run a sales support remotely. These tips will help you to create your own “lean” sales team and sell more freight.


Where to Start?


Usually, remote team tips tend to focus on hiring and managing. But, before you even think about your people though, you need to think about your tools.

Hiring takes months. Learning how to be a good manager takes years. But you could get the software you need to run a remote team today. It is possible. Even preferable.

The software brings structure and routine to chaos and mess. For the sales support team in a freight forwarding company, there are several essential business processes that should be digitized and automated:

  • One reliable source for freight rates
  • Instant freight quotes
  • Follow up on deals
  • Internal collaboration

Once you’ve got all these elements in place, you’ll successfully conquer remote sales support. Read this before stepping into the remote sales support world and you’ll create a solid foundation to allow your business to grow.


Maximize Your Team’s Performance


Basic email and MS Excel aren’t designed for remote jobs. Invest in sales automation software. The ROI is exponential. And as far as SaaS software goes, it’s relatively cheap.

If you’re planning to offer remote sales support you need sales automation software. Without it, your team will be standing on the shaky ground constantly trying to catch up. It is not only about your customers’ experience, but it also enhances employee experience.

Obviously, we recommend Quotiss software. With Quotiss, your sales support team will leverage the accessibility to the same freight rate management and quoting platform. Every department can see the actual freight rates and active customer quotes in one place.

Quotiss allows the team to collaborate without being in the same place. Our customers been using Quotiss over the years, and scaled their teams without adding unnecessary complexity.

With Quotiss, the team is able to handle a large volume of freight quote requests without a huge staff by maximizing the usage of our sales automation platform.

You can rely on features like replicating quotes in 5 seconds, quick archive search, and direct email replies which help the sales team to respond to customers faster and more efficiently.


Would You Like a Quick Start with Quotiss?


Click here to register your company. We’ll activate your company’s profile and help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and quoting freight from Quotiss on the same day we sign the deal.

The Best Freight Rate Management Software: 4 Unique Ways To Use Quotiss

A totally biased article on why Quotiss is the best freight rate management software for small and medium-sized freight forwarders.


At his previous corporate sales job, Quotiss CEO Marcin Zarzecki had never had practical software to send instant freight quotes to his clients but he knew it was crucial to be fast and efficient to achieve his sales targets.

He tried using the corporate tools, but they were not efficient and more so, added complexity to his sales routine. Then he tried good old Excel & Email combination, but that was lacking basic automation. Then he tested some of his own ideas, based on Excel templates automated by a moderate homemade macro. It was overwhelming.

The recipe for success is simple: you’ve got to create a million freight quotes yourself to feel the pain => become an expert in the field => find a solution => test & analyze => remove 90% of complexity => digitize => create Quotiss.

This is the principal moment where Quotiss is different from other startups in the field:

If no one at the C-level of your company ever quoted a freight rate, you can’t claim to be a freight automation startup.

Rather than provide a vague comparison list of freight sales automation platforms, we’re breaking down how our clients use our software to grow their business and how it could work for you too.


4 Unique Ways to Use Freight Rate Management Software


We’ll save you the time of describing the basic features. Quotiss rate management software includes all the essential functions a freight forwarding business needs.

With the shift to remote work due to COVID-19, we see the increasing interest in the software that can boost sales in freight forwarding. And businesses that never even heard of sales automation software are finding Quotiss. They’re using it to help them collaborate easier and work through quote requests as a remote team.

Below, we will list the not-so-obvious benefits of Quotiss that you can use to boost your sales:


  1. Automate Marketing & Communication

You can use our powerful quote distribution engine to streamline and target your marketing message directly to the clients. Group and segment your customers by using custom #hashtags to create mailing lists.


  1. Enhance Follow-up on Quotes

Did you know that Quotiss shows the exact date & time when your client opened the freight quote that you’ve sent? Use this data for a targeted follow-up with your customer!


  1. Use Sales Dashboard

Your sales performance stats are LIVE. Know your average margins per segment, know your win rates per sales team, know how many sales leads each team generates. Make informed business decisions.


  1. Monitor Quotiss Weekly Trends

Clients who’ve been using Quotiss for freight quote distribution since day one, show significant growth in the number of sent freight quotes since the beginning of the lockdown. We started sharing the weekly statistics of sent quotes on our LinkedIn page. Follow us to be up to date with the sales activity trend across the industry.

Would You Like a Quick Start with Quotiss?


Click here to register your company. We’ll activate your company’s profile and help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and quoting freight from Quotiss on the same day we sign the deal.