Month: October 2017

Quotiss Andrzej Duda

Quotiss and the President of Poland (vol.3)

On the 23rd-25th of October 2017, CEO of Quotiss Marcin Zarzecki together with the President of Poland Andrzej Duda visited Helsinki, Finland to attend Poland-Finland Economic Forum.

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda and CEO of Quotiss Marcin Zarzecki

From the official article on the President’s portal:

“The Polish president’s visit has an additional economic aspect, with the delegation featuring young high-tech entrepreneurs, who won the right to accompany Duda on one foreign mission at a recent competition for start-ups, held by the Presidential Palace. Minister Szczerski noted Polish start-uppers would meet Finnish innovators at the Aalto University dubbed “a sauna for start-ups”, to establish “hopefully multiple and fruitful contacts” as well as exchanging ideas and experiences, “leading to joint endeavors in the future”.

Thanks to the Startup Passport, which Quotiss won during ‘Startupy w Palacu’ event* – Marcin Zarzecki, CEO of Quotiss, joined the President during his official state visit to Finland.

Boarding the Presidential plane in the military airport in Warsaw, Poland

There was a very intensive official visit program – with the aim to exchange the knowledge and experience in supporting innovations on a high level, and meeting with the Finnish corporations and startup community.

Platform Economics in a nutshell – slide from one of the Forum’s presentations

It was very inspiring to visit NOKIA headquarters and see how the company executes on their new digital strategy, betting on the innovative solutions like VR, 5G, AI, IoT – cutting-edge technology enhanced with a very strong corporate culture and values.

Presentation at the NOKIA HQ

Quotiss has also arranged a few business meetings with freight forwarders and got very positive feedback. Finland is a country with 60 container ports and a strong drive for innovations, which makes it an ideal market for Quotiss.

*“Startupy w Pałacu” or “Startups at the Palace” is an annual event organized by Startup Poland – an essential link between startups and the government of Poland. The theme of this year’s event was B2B (‘Business to Business’ ) – startups who sell their products and services to other companies rather than consumers directly. Out of 240 applications, only 10 best startups were selected to pitch to the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.
Quotiss freight software

Quotiss Freight Software Explained

In the last couple of months, we see a growing interest in our product and based on the questions we receive, we’ve prepared this article about Quotiss freight software. As you read through, you will find out what Quotiss is and what it is not, and how exactly Quotiss helps freight forwarders to be competitive and boost sales results.

Due to highly complicated nature of shipping, there is no standard software that can handle the typical business requirements of a freight forwarder.

The logistics industry is based on MS Excel or custom-made software. Most of the medium to big size forwarders work with the software designed specifically for their organization’s needs. There are too many flaws in this approach, starting from the cost to create and maintain it, to a very slow response to change requests.


What is Quotiss?


Quotiss is a freight rate management and sales automation software designed for the freight forwarding companies of any size and type. At the core of Quotiss, there is a powerful freight simplification engine, inspired by Pareto Rule and KISS Principle. Thanks to that, Quotiss removes 99% of complexity from the commercial process and structures the freight rate management in a smart and simple way.

Quotiss provides a basic framework, which simplifies the commercial process of any freight forwarder. Quotiss brings structure to the commercial teams. It can be configured to match the most complex business requirements.

Quotiss covers the following business processes:

  • Freight rate management
  • Automated freight quotes
  • CRM
  • Sales performance analytics

Once the freight pricing is streamlined, the freight quotes are automated. A salesperson can quote freight rates with 100% accuracy in a couple of clicks! With Quotiss, they can send a freight quote to one client or to a hundred clients at once. Your customers will receive a freight quote perfectly tailored to their needs – origin, destination, local charges, special notes and terms, margin levels are saved for each customer.

Quotiss also brings real-time sales performance analytics, enabling data-driven decision making to maximize the profit margins.


What Quotiss Has to Offer:


  • Unique algorithm to manage freight rate tariffs and spot rates – no more Excel files;
  • Freight quotes are automated – so sales can spend time on selling;
  • Client database – archive of quotes;
  • Follow up on the deals;
  • Unified quote formatting – solid brand image;
  • One platform for all commercial activities – increased business intelligence;
  • Easy sales onboarding – no more lengthy handovers;
  • Intuitive UX and modern UI– sales people love it!


Freight Software for Logistics


Freight forwarders get access to more and more digital tools each year. There is a big interest in digitizing the customer interface: offer online freight quotes, online bookings, online tracking, etc. All these customer-facing digital initiatives are very necessary, but hardly possible without digitizing the back office of the freight forwarder.

It’s not possible to offer online freight quotes if your selling rates are maintained in Excel. You run a big risk of low data accuracy, which can cause financial loss and/or reputational risks.

It is necessary to start from the basics – automate and digitize your freight rate management internally, and after that integrate your automated freight quotes online.

Quotiss software could be the right solution to digitize freight ratesheets using a simplified upload mechanism. Quotiss is a practical tool, which automates all kinds of freight ratesheets in a smart and simple way. All freight rates from all suppliers in one place, available instantly to everyone in the organization.

With Quotiss, you can increase your sales productivity without increasing headcount. When your business is driven by efficiency, it directly impacts the company’s bottom line.


Would You Like a Quick Start with Quotiss?


Click here to register your company. We’ll activate your company’s profile and help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and quoting freight from Quotiss on the same day we sign the deal.