What’s in Those Freight Quotes?

In freight forwarding, transparency in sales activities has never been the case. The complexity and volatility of freight rates significantly limit the visibility into what’s going on in the commercial organization on a daily basis.

It is very difficult for the management team to know how many freight quotes have been sent to the clients today, this week, or this month. It is almost impossible to monitor the margins applied to ocean freight and local charges in the quotes. Sales director must rely on the data that comes from various sources, the information is unstructured and often biased.

This lack of transparency is also an issue for sales reps themselves – they have to search for freight rates in various files and emails, and there is no clear record of what rate has been finally offered to a client. This is a waste of time and effort, and often leads to lost business opportunities.

Why is transparency important?

The importance of having transparency in sales activities is crucial for any business. The key to gaining control of the revenue is to have real time access to sales performance. Live data stream is invaluable in spotting changes in trends and picking up on issues before they become a problem.

Also, studies show that when employees know their performance and have an instant overview of their KPIs, they improve their work. Focus, motivation, and accountability come when teams can see where everyone stands in just a glance.

Transparency in freight rates can be achieved in the organization when both pricing and quoting are done via the same platform. A platform where all freight rates and quotes are stored, in the most structured and most proper visual way, accessible from anywhere and anytime. Quotiss provides such platform for the freight forwarders.

Quotiss brings transparency 

Quotiss software stores freight rate spreadsheets, pricing guidelines, and customer database, enabling sales teams to generate perfect freight quotes, which can be emailed to customers directly thanks to the smooth email integration.

Quotiss dashboard is a powerful visualization tool which shows a history of rates per carrier, a number of new clients added, the amount of sent quotes per person or team, applied margins, etc.

Quotiss dashboard brings all your KPIs and critical metrics into an artfully designed and intuitive display with pricing and sales activities updated in real-time. It keeps everyone in the company on the same page when it comes to sales performance and pricing guidelines. It allows to set goals and have immediate feedback.

Every person in the commercial organization has access to the same information instantly, enabling better communication and collaboration across the teams.

It takes just 3 hours of onboarding and training to start using Quotiss in your organization. Once everything is set up and running, Quotiss will give a boost of transparency to your business, expanding the limits of business intelligence.

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