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Sales Automation – 8 Practical Tips for Freight Forwarders

In the previous article, we’ve covered the top 10 benefits of the sales automation software for freight forwarding companies. Now it’s time to be more specific and go through the actual steps in the workflow of sales reps, where Quotiss and the sales automation can help the most.

These aspects of sales automation will particularly help sales reps achieve better productivity and win more deals:


1. Freight Quotes

If you’re still creating and sending freight quotes manually (using MS Word, Excel, or similar tools), I’ve got great news: there’s a much better way.

First, upload your freight tariffs and local charges to automatically create and replicate freight quotes. Your spot and online rates will also be automatically added on the go. Second, integrate your mailbox with Quotiss. It’s an easy once-off process that only takes a couple of minutes.

That’s it – now you can generate and send perfectly tailored freight quotes in just a couple of clicks!


2. Quote and Email Templates

Use freight quote & email templates to send your promo offers to potential customers – this will free up a ton of time. With Quotiss software, you can create a perfect personalized freight quote & email at a single glance. Personalized communication is very important because it increases response rates and customer loyalty.

You can quickly customize your freight quote to a specific client’s needs before sending it. Also, Quotiss lets you add personalization tokens so details like the contacts’ name, company, and email greeting are filled in automatically.


3. Client Knowledge Base

Knowledge is power. The more information you have about your client, the easier it will be to successfully connect with them and earn their trust.

That’s where client profiling comes in. Quotiss gathers information from all freight quotes that have been sent to every customer, creating a comprehensive profile of your prospect. Use the client dashboard for quick visualization of stats.


4. Groups & Customer Segments

With Quotiss sales automation software, you can use hashtags to segment your clients & group them into smart mailing lists. For example, the client can be tagged as #promoShanghai, #promoshoes, #monthlyFEAupdate, etc. Use the specific hashtag to prepare targeted promotions and automate your marketing communication with the customer.


5. Batch Actions

What if you want to batch-send freight quotes to a list of customers, instead of going one by one? Quotiss lets you do exactly that. Select a group of clients using hashtags; prepare a personalized freight quote, add personalization tokens for each client, and finish off with some unique details to fill your messages with the human touch.


6. Quote Tracking & Follow up

Quotiss software allows you to track your freight quotes and know if and when your client opened your email. Once your quote email has been opened and read by the customer, it is the best time to call and follow up right away – you will get their immediate feedback and a higher chance to win the deal!

Use the deal status switch to ensure that no deal slips through the cracks lacking proper follow-up.


7. Reporting

If you lead a sales team, you might be spending an hour (or more) per day manually creating reports and then screenshotting or attaching them to emails.

There’s a much easier way to keep your team informed motivated. Use Quotiss Dashboard to monitor the key sales numbers in real-time, or download the statistics to Excel to make more complex analysis.


8. Client Ownership Rotation

Handing over a client from one sales rep to another takes up precious time. There are better things to do; plus, some account specifics and exceptions may be neglected by a new sales rep, which definitely won’t help your team hit the budget.

With Quotiss, the clients are re-assigned automatically, and the knowledge base is always attached to a client’s profile. A new sales rep can simply replicate the previous offers, not being afraid of losing important details.


Ready, Set, Automate!


Click here to register your Quotiss account online. We’ll help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and quoting freight instantly from Quotiss on the same day we sign the deal.

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