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Quotiss Logistics Software Explained

Freight forwarding is a very complex business. There are hundreds of thousands of possible port pairs, multiple container types, millions of local exceptions. In addition, freight rates change frequently. There are also numerous surcharges applied on top of freight rates, and special premium/discount levels are negotiated for most of the customers. All of that results in millions of freight quotes full of special notes and exceptions, which are very difficult to prepare, manage, and keep track of without the right software in place.

At Quotiss, we tackle the main problem of the industry from a different angle: instead of digitizing the enormous complexity of freight rates, we dramatically simplify the freight rate management process, reducing the number of variables in the equation.

Freight rate complexity can be reduced by 99%, following the data patterns discovered by Pareto 100 years ago.

Quotiss sales automation software generates 100% accurate quotes in seconds. The software is user-friendly and tailored to the freight forwarding business. It brings order and structure.


How Does Quotiss Work?


Quotiss is a sales automation software for the freight forwarders of any size and specialty. In the more technical terms, Quotiss is a CPQ software, where CPQ stands for Configure – Price – Quote.

CPQ software helps sales teams to generate accurate sales quotes, gives visibility of the latest product and pricing information, provides a structure for the whole commercial process from A to Z. With the right CPQ software, sales teams can close more deals faster and make sure that their freight quotes are error-free.


Configure – Price – Quote


At the core of Quotiss, there is a powerful freight simplification engine, inspired by Pareto Rule and KISS Principle. Thanks to that, Quotiss removes 99% of complexity from the commercial process and structures the freight rate management in a smart and simple way.

The majority of logistics companies still use Excel spreadsheets to manage their freight rates. This leads to a lot of confusion, manual errors, and dramatic loss of revenues. Seeking solutions, companies end up hiring more sales support people or outsource such tasks to the service centers.

With Quotiss, carrier contract management is 99% simplified, thanks to the unique algorithm and quick freight tariff upload mechanism. This simplification allows to keep full control over freight rate management internally.

Once the freight pricing is streamlined, the freight quotes are automated. A salesperson can quote freight rates with 100% accuracy in less than a minute! With Quotiss, they can send a freight quote to one client or to a hundred clients in one click. It takes one click or 5 seconds, and everyone will receive a freight quote perfectly tailored to their needs – origin, destination, local charges, special notes and terms, margin levels are saved for each customer.

Quotiss also brings real-time sales performance analytics, enabling data-driven decision making to maximize the profit margins.


Would You Like a Quick Start with Quotiss?


Click here to register your company. We’ll activate your company’s profile and help with the initial settings and user onboarding. You can start uploading your freight ratesheets and quoting freight from Quotiss on the same day we sign the deal.

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