Quotiss Explained

In the last couple of months, we see a growing interest in our product and based on the questions we receive, we’ve decided to write this article about Quotiss. As you read through, you will find out what Quotiss is and what it is not, and how exactly Quotiss helps freight forwarders to gain commercial efficiency and drive results.

The problem we solve

Due to highly complicated nature of container shipping, no standard software can handle standard business requirements of a standard freight forwarder.

The logistics industry is the industry of MS Excel or custom-made software. Most of the medium to big size forwarders work with programs which were designed specifically for their organization’s needs. There are too many flaws in this approach, starting from the cost to create and maintain it, to a very slow response to change requests.

What is Quotiss?

Quotiss is sales automation software designed for the freight forwarding organizations of any size and type.

Quotiss provides a basic framework, which simplifies the commercial process of any freight forwarder involved in container shipping. It is a standard, yet highly flexible tool, which can be configured in a couple of hours to match the most complex business requirements.

The software has been designed by 2 logistics professionals with many years of experience in direct sales and performance analysis in container shipping.

Quotiss covers the following business processes:

  • Carrier contract management;
  • Customer relationship management;
  • Quoting of freight rates;
  • Sales analytics and performance reports.

What Quotiss Has to Offer:

  • Unique algorithm to manage carrier contracts which gives superb quality and transparency of contracts and local charges – no more giant Excel files;
  • Freight quotes are created, sent and saved automatically in a couple of seconds – make some extra time for selling;
  • Client settings, terms and conditions, port clauses and other business specifics are automatically inserted into a quote – consistent structure;
  • One format for all quotes – solid brand image;
  • One platform for all commercial data – unseen business intelligence;
  • Easy staff onboarding & holiday replacement – no more headaches of lengthy customer handovers;
  • Clean, modern design and intuitive interface – sales people love it!

How Quotiss Compares to Others

“So, is Quotiss just like ‘insert name here’?”

It’s trendy to be “Uber for freight” or “Expedia for logistics’ these days because people like to compare new companies to something that already exists. The entire market of logistics software can be divided into several categories, here are just a few of them:

  • Marketplace (aka ‘Expedia for logistics’);
  • Digital freight forwarder (aka ‘Uber for logistics’);
  • Global Trade Management (aka expensive custom-made software with long implementation cycle which covers every process in the organization);
  • Big Data and Analysis (Xeneta is a good example);
  • Enterprise Technology (Quotiss is likely here).

Quotiss is an innovative technology for the commercial organizations in the freight forwarding companies:

  • The data always stays secure and confidential inside our customers’ organizations;
  • It takes up to 3 hours of training and implementation altogether to start using Quotiss;
  • With flexible monthly payment scheme, there is no risk of getting stuck with the product that doesn’t fit the business needs.

Quotiss is the most efficient quoting software on the market. This sounds too good to be true, but people get very excited when they see Quotiss in action!

Contact us and schedule a demo. You’ll be impressed, we guarantee!